Will it? won’t it? Rain that is.

Hi folks

Got up at the crack of dawn today (well, before 9am anyway) so I could paint my new fence at the front with wood preserving paint before the thunderstorms that were predicted arrived. Took me  three and a half hours just to do one side, and it’s not a big fence. Stopped then as my back was killing me and clouds were gathering. That was 5 hours ago and where is the storm? Honestly, you can’t trust anyone these days!

I suppose I had better go out and water the new lawn, having rushed out yesterday to buy a lawn mower so I could cut it properly before the promised thunderstorm today ,which is to be followed by at least a week of more or less continuous rain, apparently. So, what’s new?

I should have expected it really as I planted some baby vegetables – beetroot, turnip and carrots – last week and they have all put little delicate baby leaves above ground, which will now be smashed to kingdom come if the weather forecasters are to be believed.

I spent the rest of the day doing my ‘homework’ for my writers’ group. We meet at the library every other Tuesday to share our work and our ‘leader’ always sets a topic to write on, although it’s not compulsory. I usually struggle, but this time I had an idea and when I started to type it just all fell into place. Obviously it’s not GOOD, but it’s okay and fulfills the criteria so I’m well pleased.

I have a ‘Bucket List’, drawn up after I recovered from treatment for breast cancer, and one of the items on it is to write something that is good enough to be published. I’m working on it, but I’m finding that this wish is the hardest on my list to fulfill. I’m hoping that writing this blog will help by giving me writing practice.

Ah ha, I just spied a spot (spied a spot, I’m turning into a poet) of rain on my window pane (rain/pane – geddit?) I swear I’m not even trying!!! And I’ve not started on the wine yet. Must go and pour myself a glass as I didn’t take that awful Alendronic Acid this morning (see earlier post) and I must say I feel a lot better for it. Mind you, my spine might be crumbling away quietly (and serve me right for ignoring doctor’s advice).

Have a good week everyone, rain or shine.





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I give up!

It has been a sad day.

I have had to pull up all my carefully nurtured outdoor tomato plants and consign them to the dustbin as they have potato blight. Thankfully, I moved 5 pot grown ones under cover a while ago and they seem to be okay – so far. The exceptionally wet weather in May, June and July is to blame and there is nothing much I can do about that. The outdoor ones got a kind of fungus last year. I won’t bother trying to grow them in the open again. We just don’t have the right conditions in this country.

I am rather disheartened. I only started to try to grow my own veg last year and I’ve not had a great deal of success. I have lovely healthy-looking strawberry plants, but the flowers just turned black and didn’t develop, the first two lots of carrots I put in just disappeared (slugs), several of my bean plants were eaten (though I do have a few left that have tiny beans on them, and my calabrese bolted. I feel like bolting too – to a country that has a better climate.

I know I’m not alone as I have tried to buy nematodes to kill my slugs and all the suppliers I’ve tried have run out of stock because of the high demand this year. I have resorted to pellets in a desperate attempt to protect my third sowing of carrots. They will probably get carrot root fly instead!!

I feel such a failure.

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The end is nigh, hic

I am reliably informed that the end of the world is nigh so, I have eaten the box of Maltesers I have been trying to resist, finished off the bottle of red wine I opened to add flavour to a cheap cut of stew meat, thrown out the stew and ordered a takeaway, eaten the packet of jaffa cakes I had hidden from myself so I would have some in when the granddaughters came round, drank the rather expensive bottle of Chardonney I was saving for Christmas….mmmmmmmmmmm…where was I? Oh, yes, rote a note to my naybour tellin er wot I reely think ov er an er mytherin kidz – an shoved it thru er letrbox, hic,….er, drank the Baileys, slurp, left over frum party las wweeek, ……….sent e-mails to evrone in my contacs who as evr p************me offf, lettin them no i ope they get wots cumin to em………..er……..ordered luvly Clogai Cloghi Clgoi welsh gold braslet off intrnet an payed for next day dlivry, cleand me out but hoo cares………………………………………………………………………………………………feel sik…………………

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Living off the fat ‘o the land

Hello again,

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. I’ve made jam, for the first time since the kids were little – about 30 years ago. I’ve made rhubarb and ginger, using rhubarb from the garden. It reminds me of my childhood, watching my grannie make it and the house filling with the smell of stewing rhubarb. I couldn’t pull too much as it is its first year, but I got one full kilner jar from it. It’s the first time I’ve used kilner jars, I usually just use old jars I’ve saved, but the local supermarket was selling them cheap. I’m going to make some plum jam next as the supermarket is selling plums at just 50p a punnet at the moment. They are not sweet enough to just eat, but are great cooked. I love stewed plums and custard, so will freeze some too.

I’ve just lifted my first lot of potatoes too. Considering the terrible wet weather we have had, they didn’t do too badly. There is a little bit of slug damage, but not much. I have been trying to grow organically, but after the carrot saga (3 sowings – yield zero) I have caved in and put slug pellets down. Next year I will be more organised and order some nematodes.

Well, the thunder storm has passed and the sun has come out so I’m off into the garden to do battle with the weeds. Strange isn’t it how they are unaffected by pests and diseases and bad weather. In fact, they positively thrive on it. Pity we can’t eat most of them. I’d be self sufficient!


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My new regime, hic!

Hello folks,

Found an article today on Mail Online about the benefits of alcohol. Makes a change from the usual warnings. This is a quote that explains the topic of the article.

“Experts from the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research analysed a study by researchers  at the University of Oregon that showed while women were drinking 19g of alcohol a day – about two small glasses of wine – they had a drop in loss of old bone that improved the balance between old and new bone, maintaining strength.

When the women were asked to stop drinking, their ‘bone turnover’ went up.

One reviewer said: ‘The results suggest an effect of  moderate alcohol consumption similar to the effects of bephosphonates’.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2182978/Wine-good-drugs-bones.html#ixzz22UByRExh

Now this caught my eye because I am prescribed a biphosphonate, the side effects of which are making me miserable. I don’t normally drink on a regular basis but, in the interests of scientific research, I am prepared to consign the drugs to the toilet and sup a glass of wine a day instead.

There will be those who castigate me for my stupidity and warn of the effects of alcohol on the liver, stomach, oesophagus etc. but I dread to think what the drug (apparently based on chemicals found in drain cleaner, according to the article) has been doing to various parts of my anatomy.

I reckon my grandma had the right approach. ‘Moderation in all things’ was her mantra. Anything is bad for us if we overdo it, even exercise and drinking water can result in death if taken to extreme. At least with my approach I will have a better quality of life – assuming it works and I don’t eventually break a hip due to fragile bones! I will keep you informed.

PS: Wonder if I can get the wine free, on prescription. 🙂

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I’ve been naughty

I was naughty today. Didn’t do my homework! I went to my fortnightly meeting of Wickersley Writers’ Group having not done the piece that had been set at the previous meeting, then I enjoyed everyone else’s work without contributing myself. I did have the grace to feel guilty, but when I explained the reason – I had been too busy writing on here and reading lots of the fascinating blogs – I was forgiven. I think there may be a few other members of the group on here tonight!

I’m absolutely hooked on this website. I have stumbled upon some incredible people who are writing fascinating stuff and it’s an education in lots of respects. I’ve learned factual stuff about other countries and cultures, but also a lot about peoples’ lives and how they cope with adversity. I’ve also come across some interesting and thought-provoking ideas. When I’m feeling brave I may respond to some of these bloggers and get them to expand on their posts. At the moment, responding feels like an intrusion into someone else’s life, but I suppose if you write a blog and put it in the public domain you are inviting others into your life. I’d be thrilled if anyone responded to me. Then I wouldn’t feel as if I’m talking to myself (which I probably am!)

Well, I’m off now to read something by someone who has interesting things to say, as I can’t think of anything interesting myself. Nite, nite

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To dye, or not to dye? That is the question.

I have been foolish, not for the first time in my life I may add. When I started this blog yesterday I thought it was going to be the answer to my problem – my indecisive nature. I imagined a global community in which there would be a few kind souls who would give me good advice and help to make my day to day living less fraught with the agony of having to make decisions. Then I spent the rest of the day, and most of today, reading other people’s blogs (should have done that first).

I have been amazed and enthralled by the interesting and varied musings of the thousands of bloggers out there. I now realise that the chance of anyone (apart from close family, who love me and are biased) bothering to read my posts, let alone make a comment, are virtually NIL. I am dull as ditchwater, always have been. I’m a grey person, as grey as my hair.

Which leads me to my current dilemma – to dye or not to dye? I used to dye my hair. I used to be a more interesting person, when I had a career and a social life. That was in the days before retirement, quickly followed by months of treatment for breast cancer when all my beautifully dyed and coiffed hair fell out in the shower one day, slimily sliding down my back and pooling at my feet.

Some time has passed since those dark days and my hair has grown back, much darker and with lots of grey. The thing is, should I go back to my old ways or move on? I used to be very vain about my hair, but cancer teaches you what is important in life and your values change. I look in the mirror and see this grey haired old lady and I think about well known personalities who are much older than me, but who look much more glamorous. Should I be making more effort? Or should I be accepting the fact that this is me – the real me?

I would be interested to hear others’ views on the subject of beautifying oneself artificially ie. using makeup, as well as hair dye. Is it just vanity, or are we guilty of being lazy if we don’t try to make the most of what we have.?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

Ok, here’s the thing, I need help, see. There are many who would say ‘you most certainly do’, but I need help with specific things – like making decisions. You see, I just can’t, make decisions that is. I think it’s down to me being a Libran, we’re well known for it: shall I walk the dogs before I feed them, or feed first? would it be better to hoover before dusting, or vice versa? (or not bother doing either and go shopping instead)? will it be chocolate for breakfast, or ice cream? Actually that last one’s easy – both!

So you see the day is littered with difficulty, and now I’m facing my twilight years I feel I need a bit of support.Therefore, I am appealing to all those kind souls out there who are decisive and on the ball to help me get through my days with a little less trauma. I’m counting on you, don’t let me down.

The biggie at the moment is, to dye or not to dye? My hair that is. This may seem like a no brainer, but believe me there are huge implications attached to the decision I make. You have to help me. Details to follow in my next blog.


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